Thursday, August 7, 2014

How to care for Rebecca's hair

                                  Rebecca's hair is pretty easy to care for, and very fun to style!

                                          Here's what you'll need:
                                       an American Girl brush or other wire-wig brush-
                                     ( NEVER use your hair brush in your dolls hair! )
                                     My doll-hairbrush is a dog brush from the pet store
                                     A misting bottle of water-
                                      Always mist your dolls hair before styling.
                                     This will keep it neat, make brushing easier, and prevent split end/dryness
                                    a un-sharpened  pencil-
                                  You'll use this to shape Rebecca's curls
                                   a bottle of braid spray ( you can get it at the Beauty Supply store)-
                                   Rebecca's hair is especially prone to dryness, so braid spray keeps it shiny
                                   and silky.
                                    Hair bow- this is optional, I just think it looks pretty :)
                                    Start by misting Rebecca's hair with water, but be careful of her eyes.
                                     Spray some braid spray on too, but not too much, or her hair will feel oily.
                                                Take a section of her hair and carefully brush any tangles out.

                                              roll up the section of hair on the pencil
                                                     all the way to the top

                                            Now, carefully unravel the rolled-up hair

                                         You can twist it around your finger to shape it
                                                               And there you go!
                                         Continue around her head to create curls
                                      Her hair is much shorter in the back than in the front.
                                     So you can shape 3 or 4 smaller curls
                                              You can put a bow in her hair if you want :)

                                    If  this doesn't work, you can try re-curling her hair.

Twist a section of hair on a pencil

                                        remove the pencil, and secure it with a bobby-pin
                                    Continue this around her head, and leave her hair like this over night.
                                       In the morning, she'll have nice curls!
                                            Have fun playing with your dolls hair! :)