Saturday, March 15, 2014

Where's Josie?

Even though it's cold and wet outside doesn't mean Mini Josie can't have fun outside!
So today we played  "Where's Josie?"
Here is how you play:
the  first picture shows Josie hidden somewhere , then the next one is zoomed in to reveal her hiding place.
See if you can spot her!

                                                                   Where's Josie?
                                                                       Here I am!
                                                                 Where's Josie?
                                                                      Here I am!
                                                               Where's Josie?
                                                                           Here I am!

                                                                 Where's Josie?
                                                                      Here I am!
                                                               Where's Josie?
                                                                                 Here I am!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Felicity Rides

                            One morning, Samantha and Molly were taking a walk.
                                " Hey, is that Felicity and Patriot?" asked Samantha
                                                               " Hey Felicity!" called Molly
                                                       " Oh hey guys!" replied Felicity

                                               " Hey Felicity, what are you doing?" Samantha asked as she reached                                              out  to pet Patriot.
                                            " Oh nothing, I was just going to ride Patriot" said Felicity
                                        " What? I thought you were still training him" said Molly
                                       " Well I am , but today just seemed like such a nice day to ride...."
                                                      Felicity climbed onto Patriot
                                                 " Are you sure about this?" Molly asked nervously
                                                 " of course I am" Felicity said with confidence
                                                " Come on boy, let's ride" Felicity said to Patriot and she gave him a kick. At first Patriot walked slowly , but then he began to gain speed, and soon it was all Felicity could do to stay on!
                                                 " Whoa Patriot, slow down boy!"
                                        Just as Felicity pulled back on the reins, Patriot kicked, and Felicity went     fell to the ground.

                           " Felicity!!! Are you alright??!!" screamed Samantha and Molly
                                                        In less than a second, they were at her side
                                                           " Are you alright?" asked Molly
                                                         " Yeah, I'm fine. Where's Patriot?" said Felicity
                                                          " I don't know, I think he ran away when you fell off"
                           " Oh no! What if he's lost? Or hurt? We have to find him!" said  Felicity.  So they searched. And Searched. And Searched.
                                        " Patriot! Here boy! Patriot!" they called
                                    " Where could he have gone?" said Samantha
                                      " Wait a second, is that....... it is! Patriot!!"
                                         And there was Patriot, as happy as can be, eating grass.
                                          " Patriot!!!" Called Felicity as she ran to him
                                                   She gave him a big hug!