Saturday, March 8, 2014

Felicity Rides

                            One morning, Samantha and Molly were taking a walk.
                                " Hey, is that Felicity and Patriot?" asked Samantha
                                                               " Hey Felicity!" called Molly
                                                       " Oh hey guys!" replied Felicity

                                               " Hey Felicity, what are you doing?" Samantha asked as she reached                                              out  to pet Patriot.
                                            " Oh nothing, I was just going to ride Patriot" said Felicity
                                        " What? I thought you were still training him" said Molly
                                       " Well I am , but today just seemed like such a nice day to ride...."
                                                      Felicity climbed onto Patriot
                                                 " Are you sure about this?" Molly asked nervously
                                                 " of course I am" Felicity said with confidence
                                                " Come on boy, let's ride" Felicity said to Patriot and she gave him a kick. At first Patriot walked slowly , but then he began to gain speed, and soon it was all Felicity could do to stay on!
                                                 " Whoa Patriot, slow down boy!"
                                        Just as Felicity pulled back on the reins, Patriot kicked, and Felicity went     fell to the ground.

                           " Felicity!!! Are you alright??!!" screamed Samantha and Molly
                                                        In less than a second, they were at her side
                                                           " Are you alright?" asked Molly
                                                         " Yeah, I'm fine. Where's Patriot?" said Felicity
                                                          " I don't know, I think he ran away when you fell off"
                           " Oh no! What if he's lost? Or hurt? We have to find him!" said  Felicity.  So they searched. And Searched. And Searched.
                                        " Patriot! Here boy! Patriot!" they called
                                    " Where could he have gone?" said Samantha
                                      " Wait a second, is that....... it is! Patriot!!"
                                         And there was Patriot, as happy as can be, eating grass.
                                          " Patriot!!!" Called Felicity as she ran to him
                                                   She gave him a big hug!