Friday, April 3, 2015

Rebecca's doll hair care #2: Marie-Grace's original/meet hairstyle

Rebecca: Hello friends, and welcome to Rebecca's doll hair care. I'm Rebecca, and this is my friend Marie-Grace.
Marie-Grace: (shyly) hello....
Rebecca: Today we will be showing you how to do Marie-Grace's original ( or meet) hairstyle.
The first thing you'll need to do is mist your doll's hair with water, and brush out any tangles.
                        Rebecca: Take a small section from the front of your dolls hair on one side.....
                                 Rebecca: braid this section and secure it with a rubber band...........

                    Rebecca: repeat on the other side. Okay, so now you've got two braids.
Rebecca: Bring these two braids to the back of your doll's head.

                                           Rebecca: Wrap the braids around your doll's head
Rebecca: use a bobby pin to hold the braids like this, and fold over the end of one of the braids
                                                                     Rebecca: like this
                       Rebecca: use a bobby pin to hold the braid like that and repeat on the other side
                                        Rebecca: tie a ribbon where the bobby pin was
                                              Rebecca: and repeat on the other side
                                   Rebecca: And you're done!! See ya later !
                          Marie-Grace: Thank you for reading, and come back soon!


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