Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Josefina goes to the Salon!

                       One day Josefina decided to go to the salon to have her hair done.
" Good Morning and Welcome to Saige's hair salon and spa, how may I help you?" said Saige
" Hello! I have an appointment to have my hair done"
" Okay! What is your name?"
" Josefina Montoya"
" Okay, let me check my appointment book, Montoya...Montoya...Oh here it is! , right this way!"

 Saige led Josefina to the salon chair, and put a salon cape on her.
                                                  " First I'll mist your hair"
                                                         " Now I'll brush it"
                                                           " And now I braid it"
                                                                    " Ta-Da !!!"
                                                 " Oh wow Saige !!! Thanks!"
                                                     " I'm glad you like it!"
                                                   " How much will that cost?"
                                                    " Okay , here you go!"
                                              " Thank you , come again!"
                                                            The End!

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