Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kit breaks her arm! ( a photostory)

                                        One day Saige and Lacey were playing dolls
                When all of the sudden, they heard a loud crash coming from downstairs!

                                       "SAIGE!!!! LACEY!!!" Nellie screamed.
                                         " What's the matter?!" asked Saige
                                       " Kit is hurt!!" Nellie cried
                                         " What happened?" asked Lacey
                                            " Come see!!" cried Nellie"
                                            " Kit, are you alright?!" cried Saige
Saige and Lacey helped Kit sit up
" Alright Kit, tell me what happened" said Saige
" Well, I wanted to play with my scooter, but it was too muddy to ride outside, so I tried to ride it inside....."
" KIT!!! WHY THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT???!!!" demanded Saige
" It seemed like a good idea at the time.."
" Let me see your arm...., does it hurt when I twist it..?" said Saige
" Owwwww!" cried Kit
" okay Kit, I think you broke your arm, we'll have to go to the emergency room"

        When they got to the hospital, a nurse brought Kit to a room in a wheel chair
                                        Then she gave Kit a hospital gown to change into
                                              The nurse began to examine Kit's arm
                                                     " You'd better get some X-rays"

                                         " I'll be waiting for you when you come back!" said Saige
                                             10 minutes later the nurse brought Kit back
                                                      " Yep, its definitely broken"
                                            The nurse put a cast on Kit's arm
                                        Then Kit and Saige left the hospital
                                                            The End!

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